What we are here to do is get you on the ballot by helping you obtain signatures.

Then shoot a commercial for you that will air on all social media and participating stations. Finally, placing signage across the county to help win you the election. 

If you have the patience, time and dedication we will win you the election...period.

Take a look at commercials shot for former clients.

President Barak Obama, States Attorney Mike Nerheim, State Representative Rita Mayfield, Mayor of Waukegan Sam Cunningham, State Senator Terry Link, Mayor of North Chicago Leon Rockingham, Lake County Board Member Mary Cunningham, Lake County Clerk Carla Wyckoff, Congressman Brad Schneider as well as numerous other successful campaigns run and won for school boards and local alderman positions.

Successful Campaigns run on our platform with our workers and expertise over the years.

$15,000 for your campaign will get you the following:

You've done what you had to, let us win the election for you now.

Start your campaign by paying 1/2 $7500 down today and we begin the journey tomorrow. Click the digital invoice below and make your payment. 

Buzz for your campaign... 

2000 signatures captured to place you on the ballot in your race in Lake County Illinois.

300 (4 foot by 4) foot signs printed, assembled, put up, placed and torn down. Also includes sign maintenance; i.e wind knocks down, weather destroys sign etc. in Lake County Illinois.

200  (18x24) yard signs put up in Lake County Illinois.

50 (4 foot by 8) foot signs put  up in Lake County Illinois.

Palm Cards at Election facilities.

Door to Door distribution of literature.

20 African American and Hispanic churches receiving flyers, handbills, and posters passed out and put up in Lake County Illinois.

200 businesses (Beauty Shops, Barbershops, Gas Stations, and Grocery Stores) receiving flyers, handbills, and posters passed out and put up in Lake County Illinois.

Shoot a 30 second commercial that will air 1,000,000 times on all social media and participating stations.

Promote your campaign with texting to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to our over 100,000 followers in Lake County Illinois.